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We offer a fantastic range of freestanding and wall mounted water features and fountains that will bring tranquility and elegance to any outdoor space. If you have specific requirements, please ask about our bespoke designs. 

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Our range of water features and fountains comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and finishes. You'll find a great selection of bowls, fountains and tanks above but if you can't see exactly what you're looking for, please get in touch. We make all our own products and we help countless customers with bespoke requirements. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff would be happy to help you find your perfect water feature.

We manufacture all our water features, tanks and fountains using fibreglass (also called fiberglass and glass fibre) for its lightness and to withstand the test of time - even for outdoor use. The other big advantage of this versatile material is that it allows us to replicate terracotta, lead, bronze and beaten copper, alongside contemporary niches mimicking modern concrete and high gloss ceramic.


Why buy a water feature?

Water features bring a touch of elegance, a hint of natural movement and an ambiance of tranquility to any outdoor space. They're recognised as being a soothing influence both visually and through the white noise they generate.

Water features also attract wildlife, especially birds and butterflies, which provides additional serenity and beauty to your outdoor spaces.

You can match your tastes with any design of water feature, from a classic, wall mounted fountain, to an ultra modern geo sphere.


Tips for maintaining your water feature

• Always make sure the water feature or fountain contains sufficient water to fully immerse the pump. 

• Clean and top up the water up on a regular basis.

• To clean the water feature or fountain, use warm water and a cloth.

• Turn off the power supply before maintaining the pump.

• Never allow the pump to run dry as this may cause permanent damage.


Safety advice for water features and fountains

When installing a fountain, keep the safety of children and pets in mind. Fountains should be placed in a fenced-off or raised area that’s inaccessible to most people, especially toddlers and small children.