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Address: Gibbs Reed Barn, Pashley Road, Ticehurst, East Sussex, TN5 7HE
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Agents Outside The UK


Pamela Hull
PO BOX 792
Whitehouse Station
NJ 08889

Tel: 908-823-4378
Fax: 908-823-4379
Email: pam@capgardenus.com 


Ullrich Kloke
Terra Toscana
Briloner Str.
34431 Marsberg

Tel: (49) 2991 908 991
Fax: (49) 2991 962 252
Email: u.kloke@terra-toscana.de

Belgium & Luxembourg

Tempora Mutantur
Brieversweg, 54
B-8340 Moerkerke/Damme
Btw BE 0884576058

Tel: (32) 476357342
Email: christel@temporamutantur.be